How Using Static Mixers Can Save Space In Water Treatment

In water treatment facilities, pioneering solutions are constantly sought to streamline processes and optimise resources while ensuring that space is utilised as efficiently as possible. Water treatment static mixers are one such innovation, offering many advantages beyond efficient mixing, particularly in terms of making the best use of limited space.

In this article, we’ll explore how using static mixers in water treatment facilities can save space and contribute to more efficient operations.


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Compact Inline Design

A standout feature of industrial static mixers is their inline design. Unlike traditional mixing equipment that requires large tanks and additional machinery, static mixers can be seamlessly incorporated into existing pipework which eliminates the need for extensive modifications or the creation of large, dedicated spaces. Consequently, the installation process is significantly more straightforward and less expensive. By positioning mixers within the existing pipeline, water treatment plants can optimise their use of space and reduce costs. Since Statiflo Static Mixers can achieve the required mixture quality immediately at the mixer discharge, their use can eliminate the need for additional pipework.

Reduced Footprint

The compact footprint of static mixers is another key factor that contributes to their space-saving benefits. In contrast to conventional mixing equipment, which often requires considerable room, static mixers maximise the efficient use of space which is particularly advantageous in facilities where space is a premium. The reduced footprint not only creates opportunities for innovative plant layouts but also enables water treatment companies to allocate valuable square footage to other critical functions.

Integration With Existing Infrastructure

Static mixers offer exceptional adaptability meaning they can be easily integrated or retrofitted into existing water treatment infrastructure to minimise the need for extensive and costly overhauls. Significant space savings can be achieved, as retrofitting a static mixer is considerably more space-efficient than replacing entire sections of equipment. Therefore, water treatment facilities can modernise their processes without compromising on the use or allocation of space.


Static mixers enable multiple functions to be performed within a single unit, which eliminates the need for separate equipment to accomplish different process steps. Whether it's mixing chemicals, dispersing additives, or generating reactions, a single static mixer can handle many tasks. By consolidating different functionalities within a static mixer, water treatment plants can significantly reduce their equipment, leading to a more streamlined, cheaper, and space-efficient operation.

Process Optimisation

Beyond their mixing capabilities, static mixers play a pivotal role in process optimisation by enhancing the efficiency of water treatment processes and reducing required contact times and retention volumes. Optimisation results in significant space savings within the overall treatment system and, with shorter reaction times and reduced holding volumes, plants can achieve the same results in a more compact operational space.

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