Road To Net Zero: Attaining Low Carbon Emissions With Static Mixers

With the UK General Election just weeks away and a change of government likely, many business leaders will be pondering what this will mean for their organisation. Both the Conservatives and Labour share a broad commitment to achieving Net Zero in the light of overwhelming scientific evidence that demonstrates the Earth’s temperature is continuing to rise, so all businesses should have definitive plans about how they can reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner and greener future for the planet.

In this article, we’ll consider how industrial static mixers can play a role in your business’s journey to Net Zero.


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Prevent The Overuse Of Chemicals

The pollution of natural habitats with chemicals is a persistent problem in the UK, with scientific research demonstrating that 81 percent of rivers and lakes and 74 percent of groundwater sites in England are affected. The use of chemicals in industrial processes, for example, to sterilise water, is unavoidable, but steps should be taken to minimise their use. By providing precise and consistent mixing, static mixers ensure that the optimum amount of chemicals is introduced into industrial systems, reducing the risk of excessive dosing. As well as minimising the environmental impact of chemical waste, this also helps businesses to save on materials.

Reduce Demand On Energy

Static mixers are renowned for their energy efficiency. Unlike traditional mixing methods that rely on external power, static mixers utilise the existing flow energy of the fluid to create effective mixing actions. This means that no additional energy is required, resulting in significantly lower electricity consumption compared to other mixing technologies. By reducing energy use, static mixers help companies to decrease their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably.

Minimise Waste

Chemical waste must always be disposed of in a safe and responsible way, but this comes at a cost that can impact your business’s profits. In certain treatment processes, such as water treatment or chemical processing, the accurate dosing of chemicals is also crucial to achieve high-quality results. Static mixers provide highly controlled and uniform mixing that ensures the correct amount of chemicals is introduced at the right time and location, optimising the effectiveness of the treatment and minimising waste. By using static mixers in your mixing processes, you can cut the cost of waste reprocessing and reduce the risk of accidental chemical leaks into natural habitats.

Gain Insights Into Environmental Performance

The use of static mixers allows industrial businesses to conduct life cycle assessments and align themselves with relevant environmental regulations. By monitoring the outcomes related to chemical usage, energy consumption, and process efficiency, businesses can gain valuable insights into the environmental impact of their operations. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement, set sustainability targets, and demonstrate compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations.

Create A Sustainable Future With Energy-Efficient Static Mixers

If you would like to find out more about how our static mixers can help your business achieve Net Zero, please get in touch with the experts at Statiflo today.

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