Static Mixers: Making Pharmaceutical Applications Cost-Efficient

Industrial static mixers are devices used in fluid processing to blend and homogenise substances without the need for moving parts. As fluids pass through the mixer, the stationary components disrupt and combine them, simplifying the process, enhancing product quality, and improving cost-efficiency.

Static mixers are a popular choice in pharmaceutical applications, for example in the production of tablets and capsules, oral formulations such as suspensions and syrups, and topical formulations. Easy to clean and sterilise, they help pharmaceutical manufacturers to comply with strict hygiene regulations and are compatible with a variety of materials.

So, how can using static mixers in pharmaceutical applications lead to improved cost-efficiency?


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Improved Mixing Efficiency

Because they use the principles of flow division, radial mixing, and flow inversion to create a more turbulent flow pattern, static mixers used in the pharmaceutical industry can achieve a higher degree of homogeneity than traditional stirred mixers. This is important for pharmaceutical products which require a consistent composition to safeguard consumers and ensure exceptional efficacy.

Enhanced Mass Transfer

Static mixers can also enhance mass transfer between components in a mixture, which is essential in pharmaceutical processes that involve chemical reactions or mass transfer between components. For example, static mixers can be used to improve the dissolution rate of drugs in tablets and capsules. Improved mass transfer not only accelerates reaction times but also promotes uniformity in particle distribution, ensuring precise and reliable drug formulation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, and saving money by reducing waste.

Reduced Residence Time

Residence time is important in pharmaceuticals because it helps reduce the amount of time required for the reaction which creates the product. Static mixers can reduce the residence time to achieve the desired level of homogeneity, which is vital to minimise the exposure of the product to heat or other harsh conditions. Static mixers can also be used to shorten the reaction time for the production of vaccines.

Scalability And Cost-Effectiveness

Static mixers can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of different production volumes and are also relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain. This makes them a cost-effective option for pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes. Furthermore, their adaptable design allows for seamless integration into existing production processes, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency. As a result, pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve higher output and consistent product quality while optimising their budget allocation.

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