Static Mixer To Pint: Statiflo’s Role In The Brewing Industry

The UK’s vibrant beer industry is expected to show a volume growth of 4.6 per cent in 2024 and, with nearly 2,500 independent breweries in operation in 2022 - an increase of over three-fifths on 2018 despite the rise in energy and operating costs - it’s a market that is always open for newcomers looking to establish a reputation for excellence.  In any pint of beer, its personality is borne by the flavour which is created through the skilful management of the brewing process. 

At Statiflo, our industrial static mixers play a key role in helping breweries to craft the appealing perfect pint of beer which, in this article, we’ll describe further. 


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Wort Aeration

For yeast to effectively transform sugars into alcohol during fermentation, it needs a healthy environment in which to thrive. Wort aeration is critical to this process. Wort, the liquid extracted from malted grains, is the primary source of nutrients for yeast growth. Static mixers introduce air or oxygen into the wort and, by blending the components, promote the growth of a vibrant yeast population, leading to a more efficient and vigorous fermentation process.

Ingredient Mixing

Brewing is as much an art as a science that takes considerable skills and experience to master. Often, brewers experiment with various flavours, additives, and adjuncts to create unique and captivating brews. Static mixers play an integral part in this process by seamlessly blending the ingredients during the brewing process. By channelling the liquid through the static mixer, all components are thoroughly combined to ensure a consistent flavour profile and distribution of additives throughout the beer.

Yeast Propagation

Behind every successful batch of beer is a thriving yeast culture. Yeast propagation systems are laboratories in which tiny organisms are cultivated and multiplied. Static mixers play an important role in this process by facilitating the circulation and mixing of yeast and nutrient-rich media. The even distribution of nutrients and consistent mixing provided by static mixers result in healthy, robust yeast cultures that support an active and efficient fermentation process.

Wort Cooling

After the wort's intense boiling phase, it needs to be rapidly cooled before yeast is introduced. Integrated into wort cooling systems, static mixers enhance the efficiency of heat transfer, ensuring the wort achieves the optimum temperature for fermentation. Efficient cooling not only saves time but also improves the beer's final flavour and clarity.

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