How Are Static Mixers Installed In The Marine Industry?

Industrial static mixers are invaluable tools in the marine industry, where they are used for a variety of processes including dosing chemicals and dispersing fluids. However, the marine industry presents a unique set of challenges, from harsh environmental conditions to space constraints. In this demanding and somewhat unique environment, static mixers offer a versatile and efficient solution for blending and homogenising fluids and can be seamlessly integrated into different marine applications, providing reliable and maintenance-free operation.

In this article, we’ll consider how industrial static mixers are installed in the marine industry.

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Versatile Installation Options

Fortunately, despite the challenges that are posed by hostile marine environments, static mixers offer highly adaptable installation options. Whether you require a dosing system onboard a vessel or a dispersion process in a marine facility, static mixers can be seamlessly integrated into different system configurations. Their exceptional versatility ensures that, regardless of their operational needs, static mixers can effectively enhance the efficiency of marine processes.

Adaptability To Different Processes

Static mixers are an invaluable resource in a range of marine processes, demonstrating their versatility and adaptability to different industrial needs. From efficiently dosing chemicals for water treatment to dispersing additives for fuel optimisation, static mixers play a vital role in optimising industrial marine processes. Their ability to efficiently mix fluids of different viscosities and densities, for example, makes them indispensable in improving process performance and reliability.

Designed To Withstand Environmental Challenges

The marine environment poses unique challenges, particularly concerning material selection. Salinity and fluctuating temperatures can exert considerable stress on equipment which, if not taken into consideration at the design stage, can lead to premature wear and failure. Therefore, it is imperative to select equipment that can withstand the harshest of marine conditions. At Statiflo, our industrial static mixers are designed and manufactured from robust materials that are capable of enduring marine environments, ensuring durability and reliability with minimal maintenance needs.

Configurable For Different Environments

Finally, static mixers in the marine industry are highly configurable for different environments. Available in a variety of configurations and designs, including plain-ended pipe sections, flanged setups with multiple injectors and sampling points, or square or rectangular sections for ducts and open channels, static mixers can be tailored to seamlessly fit into different marine systems.

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