Why Should You Include Static Mixers in Your Pharmaceutical Business

In pharmaceutical production, efficiency, precision, and contamination control are essential for operational success and safety. Among the various technologies developed to support manufacturers, industrial static mixers offer various benefits that can deliver high performance and meet product quality standards. Read on to find out more.

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Seamless Integration

Static mixers can easily and seamlessly integrate into existing systems without compromising pump capacity or impeding gravity flow systems. Whereas retrofitting other mixers can cause extensive disruption, static mixers can be added with minimal inconvenience and downtime. This allows pharmaceutical businesses to enhance the efficiency of their production lines without disruptive overhauls, ensuring a smooth transition towards more optimised and efficient processes.

Enhanced Efficiency

Pharmaceutical static mixers have no moving internal components and are far more efficient than mechanical models, particularly regarding the power they consume. Static mixers slash industrial power consumption by up to 90 per cent compared to stirred tanks with dynamic mixers. Also, static mixers facilitate more accurate mixing of pharmaceutical ingredients, significantly reducing waste and making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice for pharmaceutical processes.

Maintaining a Sterile Environment

In pharmaceuticals, the importance of sterility cannot be overstated. The consequences of contamination in pharmaceutical manufacturing can be serious: medication will likely fail quality control checks as it poses a potential risk to consumers, so no margin of error is allowed. Statiflo static mixers for pipe systems utilise a completely enclosed design, overriding the need for the shaft seals found in stirred tanks. This design provides robust protection against contamination and ensures the integrity of pharmaceutical products remains uncompromised - a critical assurance for compliance and consumer safety.

A Low Maintenance, Durable Solution

Static mixers have no moving parts, so they require minimal maintenance during their lifespan and are much less likely to experience mechanical problems than other mixers. The simple design results in enhanced reliability, fewer periods of disruptive downtime, and lower maintenance bills. By investing in a static mixer for your pharmaceutical business, you can be assured of consistent and reliable service that won’t give you constant headaches through poor performance.

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